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with your app or website

Prime Surveys lets you offer your users fun surveys.
Earn revenue with each survey and reward your users in-app currency.

Daily active Users
Main Geo
Western Europe
Your monthly revenue
  • Good ARPDAU
    $0.40 from every user
  • 50+ countries
    99 % fillrate worldwide
  • Weekly Payments
    Wire, PayPal, Bitcoin
  • Easy integration
    In two clicks
  • Insights on your users
    Make your own surveys for free
User chooses to earn in-app currency by answering a survey.
Integration style
Single Survey

Serves multiple surveys with a variable payout, the user can complete as many as he likes to.

Ideal for rewarding a variable amount of in-app currency and engaging the user the most.

Your payout is based on the length of the survey, the user gets rewarded in-app currency accordingly

How it works

Register and integrate our surveys to your product
Your Users will be matched with the best surveys
User completes a survey gets in-app reward
You get paid for every completed survey
94% of users enjoy to share their
opinion for rewards

Gain insights on your audience
to improve your app

Learn who your users are and what they really want.
Take action based on user feedback

  • Create your own surveys and ask
    them your users for free
  • Get full access to demographic data like
    gender, age, income, education
  • Access all data in realtime or get weekly
    audience reports
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User chooses to earn in-app currency
or award by answering a survey

User gets in-app currency rewarded
and can continue to answer more surveys.
You earn revenue for each survey.